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Eagles’ 300 Alay ng Agila customized bags given to Northern Tacloban Elementary Schools

By Harold Naputo @ Grantipol

About 300 customized bags were distributed today to public school children in the northern part of Tacloban City by The Fraternal Order of Eagles-Eastern Visayas Eagles Region-Tacloban Eagles District in Old Kawayan Elementary School and Sto. Nino Elementary School, November 14.

Eagles Alexander Belleza, District Governor, spearheaded the 25-strong delegation whose members include engineers, doctors businessmen, among others.

According to Mr. Belleza, the groups’ focus have been on how they will be able to assist communities in the spirit of liberty, truth, justice, and equality.
Fraternal Order of Eagles District Governor Alexander Belleza receive the Certificate of Appreciation from Old Kawayan Elementary School Head Teacher Harold Naputo. The Eagles provide for a partnership with the school and the community in its quest to assist communities in need especially during these times of pandemic.

“If we can only at least achieve in making others’ lives more desirable by lessening ills, and by promoting peace, prosperity, gladness and hope, then the Eagles mantra of helping others would have been served.”
Eagles District Governor Alezander Belleza

The customized bags donation is pegged at 100 pesos each.
Old Kawayan Elementary School has provided the 90 enrolled pupils with 2 sets of plastic envelopes. But they would easily be damaged since they were thin. It was in this idea that the Fraternal Order of Eagles decided to come up with customized bags.

In Old Kawayan Elementary School, Supreme Pupil Government Officers led by their President Chelsea Pillero were in attendance at the barangay’s Multi-Purpose Hall, following health protocols.

“We did not want to miss it. We are inspired that despite this pandemic, there are still generous individuals who still look after our welfare. Thank you very much,” a teary-eyed Chelsea Pillero said.
The growing number of members of the Fraternal Order of Eagles is a testament of its good intentions in bringing together groups of professionals in the fraternal spirit of giving and sharing. Here, junior members, in white, share their first experiences with the group in community outreach.

With about 90 enrolled pupils this school year in the remote Barangay 102 Old Kawayan, it was a first for the community to see a civic organization visit the place, let alone donate something for the educational needs of the children.

For Ms. Rachel Luna, GPTA president, she said that this only strengthens their resolve to assist their children in home-schooling their children.
Eagles Alexander Belleza, School Head Harold Naputo and Eagles Doy Fuentebella do the ceremonial signing of the deed of donation undertaken between the Fraternal Order of Eagles and DepEd Tacloban City through Old Kawayan Elementary School.

While the times call for unity, she admits that it’s very hard to assist their children’s educational needs, but donors such as the Fraternal Order of Eagles keeps them moving.

Incoming Tacloban Eagles President Engr. Doy Fuentebella meanwhile shared how the different Eagles organizations present were able to come up with the Adopt-a-school project, which saw the different clubs chipping in for the project.

Engr. Fuentebella introduced the different Eagles Clubs assisting in the donation project: Central Maharlika Eagles Club, Central Kanhuraw Eagles Club, Central Balyuan Eagles Club, Central Kauswagan Eagles Club, Central Palo Eagles Club, Central Tacloban Engineers Eagles Club, and Central Tacloban Lady Eagles Club.

He added that for each Eagles member, they are sponsors to at least three pupils/students as recipients to the said project.

“Our belief is when we build communities, we strengthen the facets that make up a progressive City. Afterall, it’s in helping others where we find true fulfillment in work.”
Engr. Doy Fuentebella

Old Kawayan Elementary School Teacher Melody Caspe does the thermal scanning of the visitors upon entering the Multi-Purpose Hall following IATF protocols on social gathering.

Also present was Barangay 102 Old Kawayan Barangay Captain Caroline Jane Bodano and the members of the Barangay Council.

The Barangay Captain, who is also a parent of a Grade 3 pupil of the school, echoed the sentiments of gratitude and added that it was a pleasure to have welcomed new guests in the barangay who will now have fond memories here, as well as will now try to come back soon havinf seen the place for the first time.
SPGO President Chelsea Pillero receives her customized bag given by the donors during the symbolic ceremony of the donation. Chelsea is a Grade 6 pupil in school who aims to finish her elementary studies despite the pandemic.

A thankful Old Kawayan Elementary School Head Mr. Harold Naputo stressed in his message that every good deed given to the barangay and experienced by the children are steps towards providing invaluable lessons that they will tell and retell for generations to come in the community.

The 100 pieces of customized bags donated by the Fraternal Order of Eagles will hold the modules and activity sheets given to the pupils here in their Modular Distance Learning.
The Presidents of the different Eagles Clubs here in Eastern Visayas pose with Old Kawayan Elementary School teachers, the GPTA and the Barangay Council headed by Barangay Captain Caroline Jane Bodano.

For both Old Kawayan Elementary School and Sto. Nino Elementary School, Eagles Engr. Gulaberto “Junjun” Gualberto Jr. of DepEd Tacloban City’s LRMDS was instrumental in the Adopt-a-School project.

“It would have been impossible if not for the assistance of Sir Junjun, so hats off for our Eagles member in DepEd Tacloban City,” Mr. Clodualdo Ercilla, Sto. Nino Elementary School principal, shared with a smile.

The Fraternal Order of Eagles is expected to grow in numbers as well as become a force for civic action in the region.

The most popular Eagles member is no other than President Rodrigo Duterte, a member in Davao District.

Check out the pictures of the donation activity of the Fraternal Order of Eagles, Tacloban Eagles District this morning in Barangay Old Kawayan.

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