Our Divine Providence,
we humble ourselves before you
as we praise your Holy Name
and feel your presence in our midst.

We implore your Divine Guidance and Blessing
as we consciously gather on this occasion
in pursuit and furtherance of the cherished goals
and objectives of our beloved Fraternity.

We beseech you, All Powerful God,
to enrich our hearts, to enligthen our minds,
and to broaden our understanding
and compassion to one another
as we carry and pursue our goals and objectives
not only on this particular occasion
but also on the many times
of our striving and endeavors.

Please, Almighty God,
elevate our spirits and fortify our steps,
as we seek to keep and edify our Fraternity
everyone and whole and as we strive perseveringly
to enhance and strengthen our national brotherhood.

All these, our Divine Providence,
we fervently ask under your supreme guidance and direction.